Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any places?
Answer: The availability of a place depends on the day / days on which you wish your child to attend. For uptodate information on places call Hamish or Isabelle on 01505 615315.

Do you collect children from After School Activities?
Answer: Yes - We currently pick up children from activities at school. However before commiting your child to such an activity you check with us that are able to meet this commitment

Do you take child care vouchers?
Answer: Yes

What is the ratio of staff to children?
Answer: We work within Care Inspectorate guidlines - which currently allow a ratio of 1 member of staff to 10 children

Do we have planned activities for the children?
Answer: We have a wide wide range of activities for the children to join in with. Activities such as sowing, weaving, painting etc are available in the large room. A wide selection of videos are available to watch. There are a number of games consols and a computer available in the games room. Children are free to pick which ever activity they would like to do. During the summer months we try to go outside to play when the weather is good.

Do you provide a snack?
Answer: Yes - A selection of fruit and biscuits, toast, crisps, hotdogs etc are provided at approximatly 3.15 on school days. During the holidays there is also a mid morning snack. A selection of juice is available throughout the day.

What kind of things do i have to do before my child comes to the After School Care?
Answer: You should ensure that your childs posessions and clothes have thier name on them

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