Opening Hours

During School Hours:

Monday to Friday:7.30am - 9am (children will be taken to the school)
3pm - 6.00pm (children will be picked up from a variety of schools)

Session can be extended until 6.30pm at the cost of 2% of your monthly invoice. This must be pre booked.

Primary Ones:

Monday to Friday:12.15pm - 2.45pm* (Houston Primary School)
12.15pm - 2.45pm* (St Fillans & BOW Schools)

* If your child is booked in for the full afternoon they will be looked after in the Nursery School while the staff go to collect the children at 3pm


We currently walk the children from the Out of School building to Houston Primary and St Fillans in time for school commencing at 9am. Bridge of Weir children are taken to school by minibus in the mornings.

It may be possible for your child to be taken to another local school - please contact the after school for details

Primary ones:

The primary one children will be placed into the que to go into class - and supervised untill into the school. All other children will be taken to the school playground where they should make thier way to thier own classrooms


Houston Primary children are met in the school dining hall before escorted by foot to the Strawberry Fields. St Fillans children meet in the resource room before also walking to Strawberry Fields. Bridge of Wier pupils meet in the dining hall and are then transported by car / minibus to the club

After School Activities

We currently pick up children from a range of activities at various schools. However before commiting your child to such an activity you check with us that are able to meet this commitment

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